About Me

My name is Minna Jung, pronounce the “J” (my last name is Korean, not German). Most of my career has been spent working for amazing organizations as a communications professional—all dimensions of public interest communications, big and small. I have led initiatives in branding and message research and development. I have developed and managed advocacy campaigns, digital strategies, website builds, internal communications, organizational blogs, and marketing plans. I’ve written quite a few speeches and talking points and opinion editorials and position papers, and served as both an executive and an executive staffer for high-profile events and meetings. I’ve designed and facilitated numerous types of workshops and training sessions.

I get that what people really want to know—or should really want to know—are the things about me that are pretty much essential to how I approach any project or task or problem to be solved. Things like: I really do relish tackling big, complex challenges like climate change and healthcare reform and improving educational opportunities and communities and figuring out how to engage as many people as possible to act on these issues. I like cutting through a lot of noise, confusion, and faffing about, so people can coalesce around clear, achievable goals and feel like they’re making progress. I celebrate impact, big and small. I think and behave like a strategist, an advocate, a writer, a facilitator, a coach, and a designer of people’s experiences. Occasionally, I behave like an aunt, a life coach, a personal shopper, and a herding dog.

[I kind of love any instrument that tells me more about myself and how I interact with others, no matter how unscientific they are. I am an ENTJ on the Meyers-Briggs spectrum (referred to as a “decisive strategist” by some of the coaches who want to maximize our leadership potential, and as a “general” by people who want to squash us a bit). I’m a “performer” on the Enneagram chart.  On the Strategy Finder instrument, I light up in all areas–strategy, communications, etc. And finally, I’m an Aquarian (very oriented towards creativity and words) on the Western astrological charts, and a Monkey (1968) on the Eastern ones.]

This was my website for my chapter as an independent consultant. Then I took a left turn into full-time work in corporate communications for a pharmaceutical company. It didn’t last, and I’m both sorry and not-sorry. I’m back to writing here again, unfettered. I’m doing some paid writing gigs, for social sector/social responsibility clients, and I’m trying to protect a modicum of time for creative writing: screenplays, fiction, who knows. My overall aim is to write with clarity, honesty, and feeling. Let’s see where this goes.